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Subcontractor & Supplier Opportunities

Capitol Paving is currently soliciting qualified suppliers and subcontractors to submit quotes for the solicitations listed below.  Quotations can be sent by e-mail to or by fax at (202) 832-4642.

Please follow the link to download the Subcontractor Qualification Questionnaire: .  Once complete, please e-mail the signed and completed form to or fax (202) 832-5126.

Construction of 19th Street Green Street Project: 19th Street NW, between K and M Streets

Description: Removal and replacement/relocation of streetscape amenities including concrete sidewalks, brick and paver walks, tree and planter boxes, bike racks, trash receptacles, signage, and the installation of new bioretention areas with integrated drainage and new landscaping.

Bid Type: OPEN

Bid Opening:  April 1, 2019

Blair Road/Cedar Street/ 4th Street, N.W. Intersection Improvements Ward 4 - Washington, D.C.


Solicitation:  DCKA-2019-B-0029

Description: Work under this contract consists of the Intersection Improvements to Cedar Street, Blair Road and 4th Street, N.W. located in Ward 4, Washington, D.C.  The project includes the conversion of 4th Street into a southbound one-way street.

Bid Type:  OPEN

Bid Opening:  March 7, 2019

Reconstruction of Oregon Avenue, NW from Military Road to Western Avenue from Oregon Avenue to 31st Street


Solicitation:  DCKA-2019-B-0002

Description:   Work under this contract consists of the Reconstruction of Oregon Avenue, NW from Military Road to Western Avenue, and Western Avenue from Oregon Avenue to 31st Street, Ward 4, Washington, D.C.

Bid Type:  OPEN

Bid Opening: February 21, 2019

FY18 Local Sidewalk Restoration Citywide


Solicitation:  DCKA-2019-B-0005

Description:  Work consists of citywide rehabilitation of sidewalks, including curb and gutter, curb/wheelchair ramps, driveways and alley entrances at various locations in the District of Columbia. The Contractor shall implement and maintain vehicular and pedestrian traffic safety plan; implement and maintain sediment and erosion control measures; construct new or part of existing sidewalk surface including pavement, curb and gutter, curb/wheelchair ramps, driveways and alley entrances, water valves and manholes, sewer manholes and drainage inlets; remove and dispose of all materials as required; mobilize and demobilize work and storage areas.

Bid Type:  OPEN

Bid Opening:  January 10, 2019

FY 2018 Federal Aid Citywide Pavement Restoration


Solicitation:  DCKA-2018-B-0084

Description:  Work under this contract consists of resurfacing roadway segments at various locations citywide. The work also includes, but is not limited to performing preliminary repairs or replacements of existing structures which include curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveway entrances, utility cuts, base pavements, corner cut backs, replacing or resetting stone and concrete curb, replacing perimeter fencing, furnishing sewer-water manhole frames and basin tops, constructing wheelchair/bicycle ramps, cleaning catch basins and connecting pipe, weed control, necessary grading and excavating as may be required and other miscellaneous and incidental work needed to complete the project.

Bid Type:  OPEN

Bid Opening:  January 9, 2019

Local Sidewalk Restoration Porous Flexible Paving

Solicitation:  DCKA-2019-B-0004

Description: Installation of porous flexible pavement sidewalk; creating new tree boxes and renovating existing tree boxes.

Bid Type: OPEN

BID OPENING: November 30, 2018

Citywide Culvert Rehabilitation and Maintenance

Solicitation:  DCKA-2018-B-0099

Description: Perform regularly over an established time period, under an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity clause contract, routine citywide rehabilitation and repair of culverts, roadway drainage, and emergency works throughout the District.

Bid Type:  OPEN

BID OPENING:  November 26, 2018

Maryland Avenue, NE from 2nd Street, NE to 14th Street, NE Corridor Multi-Modal Safety and Access Project


Solicitation: DCKA-2018-B-OO95

Description:  Roadway and pedestrian access improvements to Maryland Ave, NE from 2nd Street, NE to 14th Street, NE, as shown on the contract plans and indicated in the specifications and special provisions.  All work on the roadways shall be performed within the existing right-of-way.  

Bid Type:  OPEN

BID OPENING:  November 19, 2018

Miscellaneous Water and Sewer Asset Repairs

Solicitaion NO: 15986

Description:  It is the intent of WSSC to establish a contract for miscellaneous water and sewer asset

repairs. Work shall include, but not be limited to, the installation, rehabilitation, replacement and/or

repair of the following: Cleanouts, Curb Boxes and Curb Stops, Fire Hydrants, Waterhouse Service Connections;

 Meter Housings, Manholes, Water Mainlines, and Sewer Lines 

Bid Type: Open

Bid OPening: 10/25/2018

Lanham Station Water Main Replacements 


Description:  This project consists of the use of pipe bursting trenchless technology as

well as open cut same trench replacement method for the installation of approximately 2.8 miles of

small diameter 4", 8", 10' and 12" water mains and water house connections. There will also be

approximately 300 feet of new open cut PVC pipe installation. The project is located in the Lanham

area of Prince George's County Maryland.

Bid Type: Open 

Bid Opening: 10/17/2018

Fairhaven Treansmission Water Main Replacement/Relocations

BID Number: BRBT6012A16

Description: Replacement/ relocation of approximately 20 feet of 20 inch water main,

4,279 feet of 16 inch water main, 25 feet of 12 inch water main, 60 feet of 10 inch water main,

1,785 feet of 8 inch water main, 475 feet of 4 inch water main, and 2,265 feet of water house

connections to serve Fairhaven Avenue, Fairgreen Lane, and various streets in the Upper

Marlboro area of Prince George’s County.

Bid Type: Open

BID Opening: 10/16/2018 2:00 PM

Safety Improvement on New Jersey, NW from N Street NW to H Street NW & Reconstruction of New York Avenue, NW from First NW to 4th Street NW

Solicitation: DCKA-2018-B-0017


Bid Type: Open

Bid Opening: 10/15/2018

MDOT Maryland Department of Transportation Logo


Bid Number: MDJ0231040168


Bid Type: Open

Bid Opening: 9/6/2018

Stormwater Facility Enhancements-US 50 from MD 665 to Severn River-Anne Arundel County

Bid Number: MDJ0231040062

Description: his project, located in Anne Arundel County, is for the construction of three BMP facilities along US 50. The purpose of this project is to retrofit the US 50 SWM Facilities (BMP 020258, 020260, and 020268), by upgrading these facilities to current SWM guidelines based on Chapter 3 of the 2000 Maryland Stormwater Design Manual, Volumes I & II. 

Bid Type: Open

Bid Opening; 9/06/2018

Route 50 Sidewalk Annandale Rd To Cherry St & Route 50 Sidewalk From Cherry St To Linden Ln

Bid Number: CN17102044 & CN17102042

Description: construction of approximately 1,700 LF of 6' wide concrete sidewalk, 660 LF of storm pipes and structures, 1,350 LF of curb and gutter, pedestrian curb ramps, pedestrian signal modifications, asphalt repair, pavement marking and related items.

Bid Type: Open

Bid Opening: 8/29/2018

MDOT Maryland Department of Transportation Logo

Fort Washington Estates WWPS Upgrades

IFB CP6009B11

Description: IFB for CP6009B11 Fort Washington Estates WWPS Upgrades

Bid Type: Open 

Bid Opening: 8/28/2018

MDOT Maryland Department of Transportation Logo

Glenview Mansion ADA Parking Lot Improvements

IFB 05-19

Link: https: //

Description: his project includes work at the Glenview Mansion located at the Rockville Civic Center Park. This project includes the construction of a new fully ADA compliant Accessible parking lot near the side entrance to the Mansion. The parking area will be located at the side entrance of the Glenview Mansion. Accessible pedestrian walks will be provided to link the parking area to the entrance, as well as links to other sidewalks, and to the nearby theater. The access road will be realigned to improve roadway traffic patterns, and a proposed retaining wall located just west of the realigned access road will allow ADA-compliant slope improvements for the proposed parking lot.

Bid Type: Open

Bid Date: 8/24/2018

Local Pavement Restoration

Solicitation: DCKA-2018-B-0030

Subcontractor Requirement: 35% SBE

Description: Paving/Resurfacing, Highway and Road 


BID OPENING: 9/24/2018

MDOT Maryland Department of Transportation Logo

Bid Number: MDJ0231039664

MO3755277-US 29 (Colesville Road) from MD 97 (Georgia Ave) to Andrews 

MO3755277-This project, located in Montgomery County, involves safety and resurfacing improvements of US 29 (Colesville Road) from MD 97 (Georgia Avenue) to St. Andrews Way. The total project length is approximately 0.88 miles.

Bid Type: Open

Bid Opening Date: 8/2/2018

Plant-Wide StormWater Drainage Improvements

Solicitation: 150150

Subcontractor Requirement: MBE 32% & WBE 6%

Description: Part 1 includes pavement replacement, curb and gutter replacement, storm drain improvements and construction of site runoff pump stations (SRPS) 10 and 11.

Part 2 includes pavement replacement, curb and gutter replacement and storm drain improvements.

Market Type: Open

BID OPENING: 7/11/2018 

DC PLUG Feeder 308 – Undergrounding of Power Line

Solicitation: DCKA-2018-B-0025

Subcontractor: 100% CBE Set-Aside

Description: Construction, Highway and Road


BID OPENING: 5/14/2018

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