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Subcontractors and Suppliers

Capitol Paving is currently soliciting qualified suppliers and subcontractors to submit quotes for the solicitations listed below.


Quotations can be sent by e-mail to or by fax at (202) 832-4642.


Please fill out the subcontractor questionnaire to the right before applying for any of the opportunities below.


The scope of Work includes but is not limited to:

  1. Install DC Water furnished new copper service tubing, corporation stop (if

required), curb stops and boxes, water meter boxes and frames, ball valves, service

saddles and fittings to remove existing and reinstate water service to the customer

through trenchless methods. Work may include core drilling and necessary

adapters and fittings necessary required to reinstate water service to the customer.

  1. Installation of DC Water supplied water meters. The Contractor shall supply

necessary fittings and adaptors to connect the new water meter into the service


  1. Disposal of existing domestic lead service lines including removed corporation

stops, curb stops and boxes, lead service tubing, valves, adaptors, excess soil,

concrete, asphalt, vegetation and contaminated material and old water meters in

accordance with all local and Federal restrictions.

  1. Providing necessary traffic control to meet DDOT requirements to allow work

within the public right of way.

  1. Excavation, backfill and compaction including District required erosion and

sediment control as well as tree protection.

  1. Coordinating with DC Water and LFG.
  2. The LFG and DC Water will obtain most of the required right-of-entries and will

provide preliminary block scheduling to the Contractor based on number of entries

obtained. Right-of-Entries, obtained traffic control permits and schedules will be

provided to the contractor post bid. For any address on a block where neither the

LFG nor DC Water has obtained Right-Of-Entry forms, the addresses will be

assigned to the contractor to obtain the Right-Of-Entry prior to scheduling the

block for replacement.

  1. The Contractor shall provide detailed block schedule and be responsible for

coordination and scheduling work on an overall program and individual block

basis. Work will also include promotion of the replacement program through the

targeted use of door hangers, flyers, matrix message boards, yard signs, etc in the

work area.

  1. Pavement and concrete removal, including saw cutting as required.
  2. Temporary water service if the customer is without water for more than 8 hours

over the course of any 24 hour period.

  1. Restoration of interior drywall (as-needed).
  2. Broom clean all interior rooms, sidewalks, walkways and other areas used by the

Contractor to access the work.

  1. Installation of temporary pavement and maintaining it until permanent is installed.
  2. All final surface restoration work to restore all areas disturbed by construction to

conditions equal to or better than pre-construction conditions. For water service

line replacements, exterior restoration shall occur within 20 business days, and

interior restoration within 2 business days. For Access not Granted, all temporary

and permanent interior and exterior restoration shall occur within 2 business days.

  1. Dewatering and excavation support and protection.
  2. Trenchless installation, leakage testing and flushing of new service lines and

connecting to existing water meters.

  1. Photographic documentation pre- and post-construction activities input into GIS


  1. Installing of new service taps into the water main
  2. Compilation of as-built information for the completion of service tap cards to be

entered into DC Water’s 3PP system.

  1. All other work, including but not limited to submittals; providing temporary

facilities; all specified special provisions; environmental protection; erosion and

sedimentation control; site preparation; rock excavation; removal of concrete road

base, trenching; decking; furnishing and installing repair clamps; furnishing and

installing granular fill materials; pipeline cleaning, and flushing; dust control;

pavement, curb and sidewalk repair and resurfacing; landscaping; loaming and

seeding; surface restoration; miscellaneous work and cleanup; and all else

incidentals required for successful completion of the work as specified.



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Traffic Signal Construction

Solicitation Number:  DCKA-2021-B-0051
Owner:  District Department of Transportation (DDOT)  Bid Opening:  August 17, 2021                                                Location:  Citywide – Washington, DC


North Marlton Ave Water Main Replacement

Solicitation: BTCR 6481A18 (Reposted)
Bid Opening: December 18, 2020

Small Diameter Water Main Replacement 13A

Solicitation: 160021
Bid Type: OPEN
Bid Opening: November 13, 2019
Subcontractor Requirement: MBE 32% WBE 6%

Job Description
The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials and equipment for the construction of the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents (“the Work”), which includes approximately half mile of roadway construction, part reconstruction and part mill and overlay; sidewalk widening and reconstruction.

Capitol Paving is an Equal Opportunity Employer

All Subcontractors must adhere to
Equal Opportunity Clauses,
Subsection 1103.2 through 1103.10 in order to be considered