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Subcontractor Opportunities

DC Power Line Undergrounding (DC Plug) Feeder 15166

 Solicitation Number:  DCKA-2023-B-0019                       Owner: Department of Transportation (DDOT)                Proposal Due: February 28, 2023 at 2:00 PM                       Subcontracting Requirement Goals:  35% 


The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials and equipment for the construction of the
Project in accordance with the Contract Documents (“the Work”). The work under this
Contract consists of the civil construction for PEPCO feeder 15166 of the DC Power Line
Undergrounding Program (DC Plug), located in Ward 8 and bounded by Lebaum Street SE,
Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE, Malcolm X Ave SE, and 2nd Street SE as shown on the plans
and as directed by the Contract Administrator. The scope of work includes, but is not
limited to, the following major improvements:
a. The removal and disposal of existing roadway pavement, curb, gutter, and
sidewalks to the extents shown on plans or as necessary for access to
trench excavation.
b. The installation of PEPCO supplied materials such as PVC and fiberglass
conduits, precast manholes, precast tapholes, precast transformer
enclosures, and other related items and components.
c. The furnishing and installation of pea gravel concrete for ductbank
d. The furnishing and installation of thermal fill for ductbank encasement at
transmission feeder crossings.
e. The furnishing and installation of concrete and reinforcing steel for cast in-place manhole construction.
f. Excavation and backfilling of all utility cuts.
g. Temporary restoration of all utility cuts.
h. Permanent restoration of all utility cuts.
i. Restoration of all pavement markings disturbed by the utility cut and
pavement restoration work. Upgrade crosswalks to the high visibility type
at all intersections within the project limits.
j. Pavement profiling (milling) and overlay (approximately 2 inches) of utility
cuts and per plan in accordance with DDOT standards.
k. Installation of topsoil, seed, and mulch on all disturbed earth and grass
l. Installation of replacement curb (in-kind), curb and gutter (in-kind), and
sidewalk (in-kind) sections.
m. The installation and use of erosion and sediment control measures
meeting DDOT/DOEE standards and per plan.
n. Dust control during pavement sawcutting and excavation operations.
IFB Template – DDOT Locally-funded Construction [SEPT 22] Page 6 of 69
DC Power Line Underground (DC Plug 15166) DCKA-2023-B-0019
o. Mobilization and demobilization, completion of field layout, provision and
maintenance of engineer’s field facilities, progress photographs, and
rodent control.
p. Maintain vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic per DDOT Standard
Specifications Section 612 (MOT Typicals) or as directed by the Contract
Administrator. Maintain access to residential, institutional, and
commercial establishments using appropriate means as approved by the
Contract Administrator.
q. Maintain service of all existing utilities during construction.

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Florida Ave, NE & New York Ave, NE Intersection

Bid Invitation #:  DCKA-2023-B-0010                                  Owner:  Department of Transportation (DDOT)                 Bid Opening: February 14, 2023 at 2:00 PM                     Goals: DBE 16%  MBE 28%  WBE 6.9%                    


The Project  includes  roadway,  pedestrian  and  bike  access  improvements  at  the  Florida Avenue, N.E.and New York Avenue, N.E. intersection as shown on the contract plans and indicated in the specifications / special provisions. All special provisions and supplemental provisions are to the DDOT  Standard  Specifications  for  Highways  and  Structures  2013, unless other specifications are identified in special or supplemental provision.  All work on the roadways shall be performed within the existing right-of-way.

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Traffic Signal Construction

Solicitation Number:  DCKA-2021-B-0051
Owner:  District Department of Transportation (DDOT)  Bid Opening:  August 17, 2021                                                Location:  Citywide – Washington, DC


North Marlton Ave Water Main Replacement

Solicitation: BTCR 6481A18 (Reposted)
Bid Opening: December 18, 2020

Small Diameter Water Main Replacement 13A

Solicitation: 160021
Bid Type: OPEN
Bid Opening: November 13, 2019
Subcontractor Requirement: MBE 32% WBE 6%

Job Description
The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials and equipment for the construction of the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents (“the Work”), which includes approximately half mile of roadway construction, part reconstruction and part mill and overlay; sidewalk widening and reconstruction.

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Equal Opportunity Clauses,
Subsection 1103.2 through 1103.10 in order to be considered