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Subcontractor Opportunities

Reconstruction of Kennedy Street from Georgia Ave, NW to 16th St., NW

Solicitation Number:  DCKA-2023-B-0032                    Owner: Department of Transportation (DDOT)                Bid Opening: April 26, 2023 at 2:00 PM                       Subcontracting Requirement Goals:  16% 


The project’s Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to:
1. Providing CPM project construction schedule and monthly CPM schedule updates.
2. Implementation, monitoring and maintenance of vehicular and pedestrian traffic per
DDOT Standard Specifications or as directed by the DDOT Engineer. Maintain access to
residential, institutional, and commercial establishments using appropriate means as
approved by the DDOT Engineer.
3. Mobilization and demobilization, provision and maintenance of work and storage areas,
progress photographs, record drawings and as-built drawings, engineer’s field facilities,
field layout, and performance of employee training.
4. Implementation and Maintenance of sediment and erosion control measures as shown on
the contract plans for the entire duration of the Project.
5. Removal and disposal of existing asphalt pavement surface and base, sections of existing
curb and gutter, and sidewalk as shown in Drawings.
6. Rehabilitation of subgrade at selected locations along Kennedy St NW.
7. Removal and proper disposal of street lighting poles, cables, luminaires, and respective
concrete foundations. The removal of these items shall be coordinated with the staged
construction of the new foundation to place new poles and traffic signs. Salvaged materials
shall be delivered to the District storage yard as directed by DDOT Engineer.
8. Clearing and grubbing, removal and disposal of selected tree branches due to tree trimming.
9. Providing and maintaining pedestrian and vehicular access and safety throughout
10. Abandoning sewer pipes and structures, including but not limited to sewer manholes, catch
basins, and connecting pipes. Usable frame and cover material shall be salvaged and
delivered to the District storage yard.
11. Utility trenching to install new catch basins, manholes, and sewer pipes. Utility trenching
for installing electric ducts and electrical manholes for traffic signals and streetlights.
Trench backfills and surface restoration.
12. Adjusting or resetting sewer-water-utilities manhole frames to new road/sidewalk grade
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13. Maintaining service of all existing utilities during construction.
14. Construction of curb and/or gutters, islands, sidewalks, and driveways.
15. Upgrading wheelchair ramps and perform pedestrian crosswalks safety improvement to
meet current ADA requirements.
16. Construction of new composite pavement surface and base for all roadways. Construction
of PCC bus stops.
17. Reconfiguration and construction of intersection paved surface and base, and side streets
roadway milling and overlay.
18. Installation of previous PCC pavement with an underdrain.
19. Pavement profiling of existing asphalt surface course (approximately 2 inches), resurfacing
of existing roadway for the entire length of the Project. Providing wedge/leveling as
required and as directed by DDOT Engineer.
20. Drainage Upgrades – new storm drainpipe, catch basins and connecting pipes, new
manholes, installation of new drainage structures.
21. Installation of various types of planting areas and the plantings along the sidewalk.
22. Installation of DDOT DEM and MUTCD-compliant signage and pavement markings.
23. Installation of streetlight poles, arms, and luminaires, including pole concrete foundations
as shown on plans and the Special Provisions.
24. Installation of traffic signal cabinets, poles, and heads, including manholes, conduit, and
25. Removal and installing a new fire hydrant, pipe, and fittings.
26. Relocation of Main Waterline as part of Utility Betterment Cost Agreement with DC
27. Installation of various types of roadsides, open spaces, and parking LID facilities for
stormwater management.
28. General landscape on lawns and at LID facilities.
29. Hardscaping and installing permeable pavers, plantings, street and scape furniture, such as
bicycle racks and trash receptacles.
30. Disposal of all unsalvageable material and all labor, materials, tools, equipment, and
incidentals required to obtain a complete and finished work product.
31. Installation of PEPCO-supplied materials such as PVC and fiberglass conduits, precast
manholes, precast tapholes, precast transformer enclosures, and other related items and
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32. Furnishing and installation of pea gravel concrete for DC PLUG/Pepco duct bank
33. Furnishing and installation of concrete and reinforcing steel for cast-in-place manhole
All above items shall be furnished and installed by the Contractor per project plans, drawings
and specifications. Work also includes all other incidental items required as shown in the
contract plans and/or as specified in the DDOT Standard Specifications and the Special
The Contractor is also required to produce all shop/working drawings, material certifications,
laboratory test reports, and other required submittals for review by the Chief Engineer in
accordance with Section 105 of the DDOT Standard Specifications.

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Traffic Signal Construction

Solicitation Number:  DCKA-2021-B-0051
Owner:  District Department of Transportation (DDOT)  Bid Opening:  August 17, 2021                                                Location:  Citywide – Washington, DC


North Marlton Ave Water Main Replacement

Solicitation: BTCR 6481A18 (Reposted)
Bid Opening: December 18, 2020

Small Diameter Water Main Replacement 13A

Solicitation: 160021
Bid Type: OPEN
Bid Opening: November 13, 2019
Subcontractor Requirement: MBE 32% WBE 6%

Job Description
The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials and equipment for the construction of the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents (“the Work”), which includes approximately half mile of roadway construction, part reconstruction and part mill and overlay; sidewalk widening and reconstruction.

Capitol Paving is an Equal Opportunity Employer

All Subcontractors must adhere to
Equal Opportunity Clauses,
Subsection 1103.2 through 1103.10 in order to be considered